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My magical Grandparents

Cover mockup I created for personal developement. I love how the colours and characters turned out. This book idea would be about Lila visiting her magical Grandparents during the summer break. There would be a lot of magical moments not only while breakfest ★☆★

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Secret of Skull Castle

Das Geheimniss des Knochenkönigs For a personal project I created a series of drawings about a Haunted House and two teenagers: May and Max. While they keep exploring the skooky building they will discover a mysterious secret about the former residents. Sketches and Pencil Work I started with some very rough sketches followed be details …

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The Quin – A Children’s Tale​​​​​​​

In 2018 I had the chanche to illustrate a Children’s Book for the beautiful “The Quin” Hotel in New York City. The book is about Katie and her dog Peppermint. They meet an old friend in New York City and together they will discover beautiful and inspiring places. Character Desing Before I started drawing the …

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Anna & Anton – Ein Schulabenteuer

Charakter Design – 2018 Für ein Projekt habe ich Anna und Anton konzipiert. Natürlich sind die beiden beste Freunde. Aber Annas geheime Pläne bringen Anton immer wieder in Schwierigkeiten.

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Maskottchen-Design – 2016 Für eine neue App habe ich dieses putzige Maskottchen entwickelt. Das Maskottchen verdeutlicht die sechs verschiedenen App-Inhalte wie z.B. “Verkaufen”, “Andere Student*innen finden” oder “Foto hinzufügen”

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