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Gruelwusel und Schreckgespenster

Mr. & Mrs. Vinegar – Storytime Magazine

Herr & Frau Essig – Eine Geschichte aus dem Storytime Magazin I was commissioned to illustrated a story for the wonderful Storytime Magazine. “Mr. and Mrs. Vinegar” is a humorous and whimsical tale about decisions and consequences. Hope you’ll enjoy the artwork, sketches and character designs I created for this giggly story. Before I started …

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My magical Grandparents

Cover mockup I created for personal developement. I love how the colours and characters turned out. This book idea would be about Lila visiting her magical Grandparents during the summer break. There would be a lot of magical moments not only while breakfest ★☆★

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Secret of Skull Castle

Das Geheimniss des Knochenkönigs For a personal project I created a series of drawings about a Haunted House and two teenagers: May and Max. While they keep exploring the skooky building they will discover a mysterious secret about the former residents. Sketches and Pencil Work I started with some very rough sketches followed be details …

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Dinosaur Dress Up – A Animal Alphabet

Verkleide dich als Dinosaurier! – Ein dinotastisches Alphabet Kids all over the World dress up as their favorite Dinosaur. Let’s see what they’ve come up with:   I’m creating this project for the “Animal Alphabets” Twitter challenge. This is a weekly challenge based on a letter. Please visit Animal Alphabets on Twitter for more details.

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Witches – Art Print Collection

Hexen, Hexen, noch mehr Hexen! I just love drawing Witches! So I created a art print series out of my favorite Illustrations featuring some hilarious Witches. This prints may be purchased on my Etsy shop soon. This prints may be purchased on my Etsy shop soon. All prints will be hand signed and stamped.

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Dress Up!

Dress Up! - Cover

Written by Debbie Hepplewhite Publisher: Rising Stars UK Ltd Book size: 6.5″ x 0.2″ x 8.2″ Published date: November, 2018 In 2018 I created illustrations for a series of educational books for Rising Starts UK Ltd. The second of these books, “Dress Up!” is about Aiden and Craig playing in Gran’s attic at a very …

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