Secret of Skull Castle

Das Geheimniss des Knochenkönigs

For a personal project I created a series of drawings about a Haunted House and two teenagers: May and Max. While they keep exploring the skooky building they will discover a mysterious secret about the former residents.

Secret Of The Sull King - Cover
Secret Of The Sull King – Cover
Squeezing through the looked gate
May and Max reached the gate of the haunted house. It’s locked but they are able to squeeze through.
Expoloring the Haunted House
May and Max on their way upstairs. What will lurk in the dark?

Final Battle
The final Battle against the Skull King. While Max trys to distract the Ghost May graps his Crown – source of his evil powers!

Sketches and Pencil Work

I started with some very rough sketches followed be details pencil work for each illustration.

I’ll switch to Photoshop for the final black/white artwork and the cover. But first I’ll need to create the pencil artwork because I want to add some nice textures on the final art.