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Mr. & Mrs. Vinegar – Storytime Magazine

Herr & Frau Essig – Eine Geschichte aus dem Storytime Magazin I was commissioned to illustrated a story for the wonderful Storytime Magazine. “Mr. and Mrs. Vinegar” is a humorous and whimsical tale about decisions and consequences. Hope you’ll enjoy the artwork, sketches and character designs I created for this giggly story. Before I started …

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Secret of Skull Castle

Das Geheimniss des Knochenkönigs For a personal project I created a series of drawings about a Haunted House and two teenagers: May and Max. While they keep exploring the skooky building they will discover a mysterious secret about the former residents. Sketches and Pencil Work I started with some very rough sketches followed be details …

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Hexen, Hexen, noch mehr Hexen!

Freie Illustrationen – 2016-2018 Ich liebe es Hexen zu zeichnen! Gütige Hexen, weise Hexen, verschrobene Hexen, verrückte Hexen! Hier ist eine kleine Auswahl meiner Hexensammlung.

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