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Forest School – Art Prints

Ein Schultag im Wald – Kundstdrucke Did your Children ever wondered if animals have to visit school too? Well, it seems they do have too. This print may be purchased on my Etsy shop soon. This prints may be purchased on my Etsy shop soon. All prints will be hand signed and stamped.

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Memorial Day – Holidays in Rhythm and Rhyme

Memorial Day – Feiertage mit Rhythmus und Reimen Written by Emma Carlson Berne Publisher: Cantata Learning Book size: 10.8″ x 9.2″ Published date: January 1th, 2018 Purchase info: Buy on Amazon.com For a book series called “Holidays in Rhythm and Rhyme” I illustrated the book about the Memorial Day.

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Student Corgi – Mascot Design

Studenten Corgi – Maskottchen-Design I was commissioned to create a mascot for a new service. The mascot will be used to represent 6 different categories like “Sell”, “Find other Students” and “Add Photo”.

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