Dinosaur Dress Up – A Animal Alphabet

Verkleide dich als Dinosaurier! – Ein dinotastisches Alphabet

Kids all over the World dress up as their favorite Dinosaur. Let’s see what they’ve come up with:

Boy Dresses Up as a Alvarezsaurus using feathers, a scarf and a  wolly hat
This is Alejandro from Argentinia and he has dressed up as a Alvarezsaurus.
Girl Dresses up as a Boreaspis using different fabrics.
This is Bea for Norway. She and her Mom stitched up this costume so Bea can dresses up as a Boreaspis.
Girl is dressing up as the dinosaur Ceratogaulus using different things found in the kitchen
Please meet Caroline from California, USA. While helping her Dad preparing lunch she dresses up as a Ceratogaulus using items froms all around the kitchen.
Boy is dressing up as the dinosaur Dakosaurus
This is David from The Netherlands. His Grandma made this awesome Dakosaurus Costume for him because he realy loves to dress up as this dinosaur.

Girl is dressing up as the dinosaur Einiosaurus
Please meet Emma from Montana, USA. Her Mom would love to teach her how to knit but Emma isn’t listening at all and dresses up as a Einiosaurus instead.

I’m creating this project for the “Animal Alphabets” Twitter challenge. This is a weekly challenge based on a letter. Please visit Animal Alphabets on Twitter for more details.