Catch Up, Koala!

Written by Lou Kuenzler
Publisher: Rising Stars UK Ltd
Book size: 6.5″ x 0.2″ x 8.2″
Published date: November, 2018

In 2018 I created illustrations for a series of educational books for Rising Starts UK Ltd. The third of these books, “Catch Up, Koala!” is about a Koala and his best friend: A Kangaroo. One morning Kangaroo want’s to visit the Big Red Rock with Koala. Will Koala be able to catch up with his Kangaroo friend?

Final Cover of "Catch Up, Koala!"
Final Cover of “Catch Up, Koala!”

Artworks and Sketches

Character Desings

Here are some very early sketches I created for the two main characters: Koala and his friend Kangaroo!